Yes, but:  Better for everyday driving & commuting!

It uses Google Maps data for mapping and traffic, because in my experience, they provide the best mapping and traffic data.  Google Mapping cars are constantly driving the roads of the world 7 improving the maps, and their access to traffic information from  mobile-phone users, app users, & others is unmatched.

HeadsUp Drive is better than the stock Google Maps app, because it deliberately does less.   The Google Maps app has search, transit directions, retail location information, and more - and I use the Google and Apple Maps apps regularly when I need those functions.  For everyday driving when I know how to get there, I prefer the simplicity of HeadsUp Drive.

So HeadsUp Drive is simply better because it does less.  

For everyday driving,  I've tried  Apple MapsGoogle MapsWaze, and a few others, and to my mind - they take too much fiddling to use them day in & day out.  When I know where I'm going, I don't want to have to adjust the zoomed out view every time, and I don't want to have to scroll or pinch-to-zoom in the app when I want my hands on the wheel.   If you've ever tried Waze, like me you may have been fatigued by frequent prompts for input, when all I want to do is just drive home efficiently.