to What's Ahead


Tilted Chase-plane view shows as much as possible into the distance. 

Your blue-dot positioned at the lower part of the screen reveals even more.

Google Maps - Simplified for
Everyday Use

iP6 Zmid.PNG

Google Maps offers the best Traffic information, and HeadsUp Drive strips away search, directions, and features that can be clutter in everyday use.  

Use the Google or Apple Maps apps when you need directions, but for everyday driving - the App I use most often is HeadsUp Drive. 


Easy Tapping

iP6 Zin.PNG

Nice & simple:  the only controls are big + & - buttons for zooming in & out - this frees you from temptation to do anything else.  

Leave it running as you drive for an occasional glance - much as you would use your speedometer or fuel gauge.