Suction-cup window mounts are a bit ugly, but they are the best solution that I have found for mounting an iPhone in your car.  I've written about how I think a standard mounting point in cars would be a better solution, but for now I'll detail the one I use and what I like about it.  I hope this helps inform your choice of window mount.


I use the mount pictured at right - a Scosche Type-S from Canadian Tire, for $20 CAD.

It's simply suction cup with a ball & a grip.

  • It's solid, effective, and it rotates 90 degrees for landscape or portrait use.

I don't like versions with an adjustable snake-like arm, as I find them prone to wobbling, although as in all things in life - use whatever works for you. 

Window Mount vs. Vent Mounted

In my experience, the difference between having something mounted to your windscreen, in your peripheral field of view is significantly better than a mount on the vents or lower down in the dashboard.   The difference of as little as 10cm feels to me as though I am not able to glance at it as quickly without my eyes leaving the road.  It's part of my complaint about dashboard screens in cars in general.

Some Cautions:

Beware of your phone getting too hot in the bright sun of a summer day, and if you have the heat coming strongly through your windshield defrosting vents.   

As always - driving a car safely is your responsibility.    I use HeadsUp Drive safely, and it is your responsibility to do so as well.  I take no responsibility for any mistakes, crashes, or accidents, you might make while using it.